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Group coaching session #3 videos 9/23/15

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Group coaching session #2 videos 9/2/15

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After login, go to SUBMISSIONS, then VIEW, then scroll all the way down the page past the application to ATTACHMENTS to download videos.

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Master contact list

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Coach milestones

Coach Milestones


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Meeting space


Sponsored co-working space for coaching meetings
Non-member reservations required by coach
Contact: Summer Hodges

Workzones hours: 9am – 7pm Mon-Fri and 10am – 2pm Sat.

Best times for private rooms: Fridays, Saturdays and weekdays 4-7 p.m.

Reservations available to Fast Pitch after 4 pm M-F and Saturdays. All other times, check on arrival for private rooms or co-workspace.

TV Santa Barbara

Call or email Missy Foster: 571-1721 ( to reserve space. Be sure to say you are with Fast Pitch SB


To activate your GoToMeeting account:
1. Navigate to
2. Click the “Try it free” button
3. Complete the registration (first and last name, email and password)
4. Click the “Have a promo code?” link and enter this code: fastpitchsb
5. Click the “Start your trial” button
6. You’re all set!

Group meeting dates

At Balboa Building, 735 State Street, Basement

8/19/15: Group Coaching Session #1 — 9-noon
9/2/15: Group Coaching Session #2 — 9-noon
9/23/15: Group Coaching Session #3 — 9-noon

At Deckers Rotunda

10/14/15: Group Coaching Session #4 (Dress rehearsal for 10 finalists) — 9-12
5/15/14: Fast Pitch finale, 5-9 pm


Caron Miller – Wardrobe Consultation

Stuck about what to wear on stage at the finale? 2014 Coach Caron offers complimentary wardrobe/ color consultation for all Fast Pitch SB speakers
before October 14.

Find her at
(805) 899-4379

Speaking Resources

Lisa’s stage presence tips

Presentation Preparation Worksheet

Amy Cuddy TED Talk: Power Poses

Tapping videos from coach Marilyn O’Malley

Tapping or EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) is one of the most powerful and effective mind/body techniques for clearing emotional blocks that keep you from achieving what you want. Briefly, It works by tapping on acupressure points that let you access your subconscious mind, stops your fight/flight stress response and lowers your cortisol levels and so much more. To find out more about its history and research check out this site:

EFT image

The above picture shows you the tapping points: In my videos I use all of tapping points except the hand and side of the body. If you are familiar with tapping and have used other points follow what works for you. I have had great results with myself and my clients tapping how I do in the video. Do what feels right for you.

Tapping on Fear of Public Speaking Part 1-Body Sensations

Tapping on Fear of Public Speaking Part 2-Feelings and Thoughts

Tapping on Fear of Public Speaking Part 3-Desired Stage Presence


Speaking from a script doesn’t have to sound scripted

Christophe Waltz’s acceptance speeches

Blog Posts on Fun and Engagement

Add fun to your presentation with props

26 posts on what you can learn from comedians

The best comedy comes from real life

So you love public speaking. Now what?

Three tips for directing your audience’s response

It’s not how many words you use, but how you use them

How food tastes in space

Blog posts on confidence

You only need one successful presentation

Don’t let the confidence-suckers get you down

The power of presence

Be the guy no one wants to speak after

Do you have the confidence to be clear?

General Presentation Resources

Present Your Best: 11 Strategies for Magnifying Your Confidence… Both Onstage and Off (free e-book)

Visit the Speak Schmeak Blog

Visit my Public Speaking Playlist on YouTube

2014 Fast Pitch Winner and Audience Prize winner Bethany Markee

2014 Fast Pitch finalist Stephen Jones

See the Fast Pitch SB YouTube Channel for all 10 2014 finalist videos