Join me March 19-21 in Ojai, California for my upcoming retreat, Shake Up Your Speaking: Get Real… Get Results.

Connect with your fellow speakers in a small, intimate coaching group, learn and practice new skills, and get inspired to break out of your routine, up your game, cut loose, and actually have FUN when you speak (no matter the size of the audience)!

At the Shake Up Your Speaking retreat, we’ll cover both practical skills to improve your presentations, and mindset factors that are holding you back from being as effective and powerful on stage as you could be. Click here for more info!

Hi, I’m Lisa Braithwaite! I’m a public speaking coach and trainer, mentoring entrepreneurs and professionals to deliver engaging and memorable presentations in order to build their businesses through speaking.

Many of my clients come to me with doubts about their public speaking abilities and lack of confidence in their possibilities for improvement. They see themselves where they are, with little experience and little practice. They can’t imagine their future selves standing on stage in front of 50, 100, or 500 people, having the time of their life, connecting and engaging with their audience.

They’re envisioning this long, painful journey from point A to point Z, and all the hard work and anxiety in between. And yes, becoming an established speaker with a reputation for excellence does take time and work, I’m not going to lie.

However, you only have to have one successful presentation to put you on the path to greatness. What do I mean by “successful?” I mean this: After your presentation, you find yourself having these three revelations:

  1. “I did it.”
  2. “I enjoyed doing it.”
  3. “I want to do it again.”

This is success! And it’s a huge turning point for my clients. You don’t have to deliver 100% perfect presentations, and you don’t have to have standing ovations (believe me, it’s not that common among us regular folks). But if you can accomplish these three things, you’re going somewhere. You’re now at point B, and that’s the best place to be if you want to grow as a speaker.

What’s point Z, anyway? There’s no such thing. No speaker ever reaches perfection, nor does she want to. But with each step along the way, we learn, we grow, we improve. Then we learn more and grow more and improve more.

Start with getting from point A to point B. Start with finding your own enjoyment of reaching out and connecting to your audience. And you’ll be on your way!

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