Speak Up

Attention: Entrepreneurs and professionals who are ready to take the leap from apprehensive to assured, and from shaky to secure!

Wouldn’t you love to radiate confidence as a speaker?


Whether you’re onstage, in a staff meeting, or mingling at a networking event, confidence can be the difference between being heard and remembered, and being forgotten the minute the meeting is over.

You reveal your lack of confidence through your posture, your voice, your facial expressions, your gestures, and how you interact (or don’t interact) with the audience.

Unfortunately, a speaker who lacks confidence will be disregarded and not taken seriously, no matter how much expertise you have.

Think about the confident people you know. They get respect, they get listened to, they’re persuasive — which means they get their way more often!

In fact, confident people inspire confidence in others!

So… how do you build confidence?

Through baby steps.

Through careful planning and preparation, embracing your uniqueness, trusting your gut, trying new things, getting out of your comfort zone, learning from missteps and acknowledging accomplishments.

All of these aspects of confidence will be addressed in my 8-week program:

SpeakUP! 8 Daily Challenges to Build Your Confidence Muscles at Work, at Home, and in Front of an Audience

“I attended Lisa’s SpeakUP! program in 2013 and it was all that I hoped it would be and more! I was so pleased with the relevant, confidence-building assignments provided and with the variety and number of helpful resources Lisa made available from week to week.

As an adult learner, the blend of synchronous online learning together with self-guided learning was perfect for me! Lisa was also timely in responding to participant comments on Facebook as posts were entered there. Her responses were enriching, enlightening, and encouraging. As a result of what I learned in this course, I was able to deliver a 3-hour lecture with all of the control, clarity, and skill I have long wished for.

Does this course deliver? Is it worth it? Based on my own experience, if you’re looking to enhance your public speaking skills and you’re willing to invest the time, I can answer both of those questions with a resounding YES!”

Carolyn Newstrom, RN, BSN, MS-candidate
Freelance nurse consultant and professional photographer

“Lisa is a master in speaker training. Her top notch resources, including blog posts, ebooks, videos and speaking challenges, address some of the most essential elements of good public speaking.

As someone who has been doing public speaking for nearly 20 years, I consider myself an ‘advanced’ student and I still learned a ton that I was able to apply to further improve my presentations.”

Gloria Miele, Business development and leadership coach, speaker, consultant and trainer
Optimal Development Coaching
Camarillo, CA

Lisa Stewart“If you want to engage audiences in an authentic way, Lisa is a gentle coach who stimulates your speaking craft in your own original way. I worked with her all year and would highly recommend her coaching sessions!

Lisa is a great mentor. Very helpful, insightful, and compassionate. As a former knee-knocking, white knuckle introvert, Lisa has provided steps and scripting to help ease me out of my shell. You will find tremendous guidance in her methods when you take her class!”

Lisa Stewart, CREATIVEGoddess

How does it work?

Whether you speak for your job, your business, or your favorite nonprofit organization, building confidence is a must if you truly want to impact your audiences and connections.

Is your lack of confidence keeping you:

Stuck in a rut?

Overlooked for promotions and career advancement?

Afraid of taking a risk, standing out or speaking up?

Wanting to break out of old habits that keep you in the shadows?

Feeling anxious about what might happen if you actually stepped into your own powerful presence?

Then this program is for you!

Each week, you will take on a specific confidence-building challenge, although most will not involve any public speaking!

With support, guidance, encouragement and lots of resources, you’ll quickly build your confidence through these fun challenges and interaction with other members of our private group.

For example:

Make eye contact with strangers (if you think that’s easy, there’s a tougher level!)

Be present with others (how often do you really do this?)

Review your image (this might get uncomfortable)

Speak up (yes, this is our main goal!)

Be prepared (there’s so much more to this than what you’re doing now)

And more…

The next program will be in 2016. Stay tuned.

Practice building your confidence muscles in meetings, at work, with friends, with family, at events, in the grocery store, and in any other place you spend time with people.

I offer several levels for each challenge, so that whether you speak regularly or infrequently, you can still participate at your own level.

This program is about getting you ready, so when the speaking engagement comes, you’ll face it with courage and excitement!

“As a seasoned speaker and business owner, I greatly benefited from Lisa’s SpeakUP program. Lisa reminded me of some of the basics that I had let fall to the wayside. The SpeakUP program gave me that gentle push to reach my speaking goal: to create a strong speaking platform that can generate business leads.

Plus, Lisa is very generous with multiple resources with each challenge. Lisa is supportive and encouraging.”

Kira Anthofer, Senior Living Advisor and Owner
Centinela Senior Solutions
San Diego, CA

“I travelled today from Canada to the United States. At the airport I made it a point to look at the gate agents, and vendors using their name in conversation. The crowning moment came when I summoned the courage to engage the customs agent in a brief conversation as I cleared customs. I would never have thought to do so without taking this challenge. I bet he was surprised too!”

Alberta, Canada

Meghan Bruce Kumar“Gave a short presentation to our advisory committee this week — I felt very well prepared on the content and everything went smoothly, but I was challenged on a point that I didn’t have too much information about.

Good news is that although I felt unprepared, I held my cool, admitted that I wasn’t sure and that this might be an opportunity for future collaboration with the questioner in an area of his expertise, and was able to continue. Feedback afterwards was very positive despite my disappointment in myself for not being prepared for everything!”

Meghan Bruce, Chief Operating Officer
Nairobi, Kenya

Carol L. Sauceda“I was inspired to compliment a committee member in her role as chair of a committee, and sent her an e-mail.

I also plan to take advantage of this challenge to speak up and request permission to attend a conference.”

Carol L. Sauceda, Sr. Sexual Harassment Prevention and Diversity Education Analyst
UC Santa Barbara
Santa Barbara, CA

Bronwyn Richie“I judge people by their ‘covers’ and decide how to treat them based on that. This week, I want to “be present” in the way this wonderful quotation implies:

‘Instead of making others right or wrong, or bottling up right and wrong in ourselves, there’s a middle way, a very powerful middle way…. Could we have no agenda when we walk into a room with another person, not know what to say, not make that person wrong or right? Could we see, hear, feel other people as they really are? It is powerful to practice this way… true communication can happen only in that open space.’ Pema Chodron”

Bronwyn Richie
Pivotal Public Speaking
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Tell me more…

SpeakUP is an online community of like-minded people working to build confidence as speakers. The program is delivered through a private member site and Facebook group, where members join together for discussion and camaraderie.

What if I live in a different time zone and can’t make the two group calls?

All members will receive private 24/7 access to recordings of the calls (there’s a kick-off call at the beginning and a wrap-up call at the end).

This is a fun, convenient and affordable way to learn how to build your confidence muscles during your daily activities. Take advantage of this special opportunity at a great price!

Sign up now and you’ll get:

A weekly challenge delivered to your inbox with one to three levels of difficulty

A private member site where you can interact with and get support from others who are taking the challenges

Tips and resources such as videos, audios, articles and blog posts, for 24/7 access in your private member site

Downloadable handouts and checklists for each challenge

A kickoff call to get everyone on the same page

A wrap-up call to answer questions and share successes

Access to the recording of my teleseminar “6 Tips for Growing and Showing Confidence Both On and Off the Stage (Even if You Have None!)” — only available to members of this program!

Oh no! The bonuses have expired.

Free 30-minute bonus laser coaching call with me! Contact me any time during our 8-week program to get a session on the calendar. $166 value

My e-book, Preparation for Peak Performance: Using Rituals for Powerful Public Speaking $19 value

One of my favorite interviews from the Audience Avenger Alliance Speaker Series – Gina Trimarco Cligrow on using improv tools to build your speaking and sales skills $97 value

Trudy Scott’s Best-Kept Nutritional Secrets for Bring-it-On Confidence When Speaking on Stage $29 value

You’ll learn:
~  How to boost serotonin, nature’s confidence-builder
~  How to boost GABA, nature’s relaxant
~  Why gluten intolerance may be making you less poised and resilient
~  Why breakfast will set you up for any speaking gig (and what you MUST include!)
~  How social anxiety could be addressed with 3 simple nutrients

24/7 access to all materials…
Work at your own pace…

The bonuses alone are worth over $300 in value…

Just $397!

Registration is now closed.

Are you ready to make the journey from cautious to confident?