General Sales Policy

Product and program prices, sales, and special discounts are valid only for the dates and deadlines upon which they are offered, and they are not valid on previous or future purchases. I don’t make exceptions to this policy as it would not be fair practice to do so.

Digital Products

Live Online Programs

Individual Coaching

Pro Bono Speaking/Training


Digital Products: Includes Speak to Engage home study program and all e-books or e-courses downloaded digitally

Please note the guarantees on the sales page for each individual product.

Digital products are not eligible for refunds. A request for a credit equal to the amount of purchase must be made within 30 days of the date of purchase. Credit may be used towards any product or program available on the CoachLisaB.com site within one year. Credit may not be applied towards coaching.

If using the payment plan option for purchase of a digital product, no credit will be given unless or until the balance of the purchase price is paid in full.

Live Online Programs: Includes all programs delivered live and virtually online via webinar, video or teleseminar

Due to the nature of these virtual live programs, no refunds will be honored once the program has begun. The program is considered to have begun when the “welcome” email is sent with the information on how to access the private website where the materials of the program are housed and are downloadable, including all teleseminar recordings, workbooks, and other materials and resources.

I do understand when unforeseen circumstances occur, so refunds are honored if requested within 48 hours BEFORE the start of the session for which you have registered.

If you are a previous Speak to Engage LIVE! client or home study client, please ask me about my “alumni rate,” available only to those who have already completed Speak to Engage and want to get a refresher. The alumni rate is subject to change and will range from 20% to 50% off

If you choose a payment plan to pay your program fee, you agree to pay the tuition in full as per terms of that payment plan as listed on the web page for the program.

If you choose a payment plan to pay your program fee, and your credit or debit card is declined for any reason for any of the payments, you will immediately use another form of payment upon notification of the decline, or you will forfeit your placement in the program.

If you choose to remove or cancel yourself from a live online program prior to the end of the program dates, you understand no refunds will be issued, and if you’ve chosen to pay your fee via the payment plan, that you are still responsible for paying your balance in full.

I am currently using PayPal Credit to manage some of my payment plans. PayPal Credit allows up to six months with no interest if the total is paid in full during that time.

Individual Coaching

The SpeakNOW QuickFix Coaching Package (7 30-minute sessions) must be used within six months of purchase.

The SpeakNOW Strategic Support Coaching Package (13 30-minute sessions) must be used within 12 months of purchase.

Reduced-fee Speaking/Training

I am happy to offer a few reduced-fee speaking engagements each year to carefully chosen nonprofits or educational institutions.

Reduced-fee presentations are 60 minutes or less and are standard trainings not customized to your specific group.

Before you ask me to waive all or part of my fee, please consider that I am a professional speaker, trainer and coach; I get paid to speak. It’s not something I do occasionally to build my business; it is the meat and potatoes of my business.

So it’s important that, when I do waive or reduce my fee, I’m able to receive value in return for the value my training will bring to the organization. I request that the organization considers a value-for-value trade, especially in the area of publicity.

I will ask for at least three of the following items in trade in place of my full or partial fee:

Provide a testimonial for my website within two weeks of the engagement

Provide a master copy of any video or audio recording

Submit a press release before the program to at least three local media/newspapers/ event calendars

A ticket to your next fundraising event

A trade show or expo booth, if one is available

Allow me to make a program or product offer to the group

An interview, promo or article in your newsletter (before and/or after the engagement)

Your organization finds a sponsor to pay part of my fee

Membership to your organization, if appropriate, equivalent to my fee

Following up with the audience members 30 – 60 days after the program to see if the information was transferred to their professional or personal life

Promote me to your national or regional chapters within one week after the event

Mailing list of all attendees within one week after the event, so I can contact them one time with my free e-book and newsletter information


Thank you for your referrals!

I offer a special gift to those who send referrals who sign up for my half- or full-day private coaching package, sometimes a locally crafted product from here in Santa Barbara, or an Amazon gift certificate. Your referral gift will be sent after payment has been made by the new client. Thank you for always keeping me in mind for your friends and colleagues who need to improve their public speaking.