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Have you participated in one of my presentations, trainings, coaching programs or panel discussion? Would you like to share your review of what you learned and what you gained from the experience? Leave a comment on my Rave Reviews page here!

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“My presentation went amazingly well and you were a huge help. I’ve gotten incredible, specific feedback from so many people. The suggestion to give them something of value was genius.

One of the leaders in our company who is a very highly regarded speaker and trainer complimented me and said that adding the website was really impressive and ‘very high level.’ You truly gave me a recipe with some ‘secret sauce!’

And having the guys rock out in the beginning was huge—everyone loved it! Thank you for encouraging me to take that risk—it really paid off and made my presentation not only more memorable but also fun and exciting. Thanks again for all your help!”

Sonia Magruder, Entrepreneur, Network Marketing Leader, Mentor

Amy Pearson“I only had two weeks to prepare for a keynote — I had never done one before and was using all new material! I wasn’t sure how much Lisa could do in such a short amount of time. Thank GOD I found her.

Not only did she help me put together a great talk that I can use over and over again to promote my book, but she helped me to deliver a speech with a lot of very emotional material that was still entertaining and even humorous in the right places.

Working with Lisa was a fantastic investment.”

Amy Pearson, Master Coach

Jenn Neumann“Lisa is a real pro! She helped me produce an engaging PowerPoint presentation. Gave me confidence in my material and valuable delivery pointers. My audience was so engaged. They couldn’t wait to stay after and discuss the content from the presentation. I can’t wait to continue my speaking skills with Lisa!”

Jenn Neumann, Founder and CEO
NEU Spaces™ by Jenn

LisaWeinstein“I was completely overwhelmed and nervous when asked to speak in front of 1500 of my peers for the very first time. A brief consultation with Lisa and I knew everything was going to be ok.

In less than 3 weeks, Lisa worked with me until I felt 100% comfortable with my outline and 100% confident and ready. I couldn’t believe it, that in such a small amount of time, I was 100% ready and I nailed it. Best part: I cannot wait to do it again!”

Lisa B. Weinstein, Esq.
Senior Counsel

lorraine“Lisa’s coaching services were fabulous. I’m an experienced speaker, but lean towards the professorial approach—which is not necessarily engaging. I reached out to Lisa when I was given an opportunity to do a Stanford MedX Ignite talk this year.

Lisa taught me to transform some esoteric concepts into a compelling story that pulled my audience along. I would highly recommend working with Lisa if you have an important speech.”

Lorraine Johnson, JD, MBA

Lisa Braithwaite and Steve Knuth“In 2014 I made the decision to put some effort into improving my presentation skills. After a couple of Dale Carnegie courses 10 years prior and several hundred presentations, I had slipped into a bit of a rut. I knew I was weak with humor and analogies and hoped to find someone who could help in those areas.

I found Lisa via a Google search and sometimes you just get lucky. We spent a few hours on the phone during the winter of 2014 and did another shorter version of training in later months. Beyond some pointers on humor and analogies, Lisa helped me recognize the importance of audience engagement.

Another area of improvement that I didn’t expect came in formatting much better PowerPoint slides. PowerPoint plays a big part in presenting my material, and freshening up the look has improved both my presentations and confidence. Even for the seasoned speaker, I strongly recommend a few hours with Lisa to hone your skill. Thank you, Lisa!”

Steve Knuth
Owner, AgWest Commodities

“Hi Lisa. Your old student Melodie Johnson here. I hope all is well. Just wanted to let you know that your training is paying dividends. I’ve had four major speaking engagements in the last two years since your training and I “crushed it” three out of four times! I’ve come a long way from where I was two years ago and i just wanted to thank you again! Take care!

Melodie Johnson
Los Angeles World Airports

“I would definitely recommend everyone to work with Lisa, especially young professionals. I decided to seek help when I was 25 years old. Finding Lisa’s website and hiring her as my public speaking coach has been one of the best decisions.

I didn’t necessarily hire her to help me with an upcoming presentation. I simply wanted to better my public speaking skills and also ease stage fright.

Overall, Lisa has helped me communicate better, be more in tune with my feelings and also helped me understand and utilize my talents.”

Elizabeth Muro
Environmental, Health and Safety Supervisor at Monsanto Company

michelle wilson“When I said ‘Yes’ to an exciting opportunity to speak, I knew right away I would need Lisa Braithwaite’s help!

I had enjoyed Lisa’s helpful Speak to Engage program and knew she would be a great resource to help me make the most of my opportunity to speak in front of 400 women. This was the biggest audience for me in my history of speaking, and I only had 15 minutes to make a big impact, AND I had NO experience with creating a PowerPoint presentation!

I hired Lisa and was so impressed with her knowledge, helpful and specific feedback, and incredible pointers which really made my presentation stand out in a day full of speakers! I felt confident on the day of my presentation thanks to Lisa – she is definitely an expert!

If you are new to speaking or want to take your speaking to the next level, I give Lisa Braithwaite my highest recommendation! Thank you so much, Lisa!”

Michelle L Wilson, MA LMHC
The Mindset Shifter

don parsons“Lisa, thank you for your help with my conference presentation. People I respect in my industry told me they were impressed with how much better I was than the last time they saw me, and suggested that I would be a good guy to speak nationally on my subject.

Some of the things that went well included getting the audience engaged and involved, lots of people staying to ask questions afterward, and people telling me that they appreciated and identified with the stories and examples.

And I got just what I needed from coaching:

1. Accountability to complete the task on time (and not suck)
2. Some clever ideas for organization
3. Feedback for some of my nonsense.

Thanks again!”

Don Parsons, Owner
Don Parsons Golf and Twin Lakes Golf Course

ann marie“I really questioned whether or not the added expense of a professional speech coach was necessary to add to our frugal fundraising event budget. It turned out to be the best money we spent!

I was not uncomfortable speaking in front of 300 people, I just knew I could be better at it and that practice alone wouldn’t make the difference. I felt that all of our time spent coaching was productive and fruitful.

My performance at our event was more impactful, more relaxed and ultimately more successful, because of my time working with Coach Lisa – thank you!”

Annmarie Cameron, CEO
Mental Wellness Center

dannell“Your coaching proved to be invaluable to me and other members of my team as we prepared for our public speaking presentation at the American Heart Association Go Red for Women luncheon.

We are financial planners – not actors or public speakers – and we found that through the training you provided to us we were able to refine our script, know which parts to emphasize and where to pause, and in general to develop the confidence that we needed in order to pull off this gig!

We would highly recommend you to anyone who is seeking assistance with public speaking, whether for a specific project or in general terms – you were professional, organized, effective, and worth every penny! Thank you!”

Dannell Stuart, CFP®, ChFC®, CLU®, CASL® | Director of Business Development
Mission Wealth Management

Kristen Butler“Prior to my coaching with Lisa I was not comfortable speaking in front of others. I had difficulty even approaching people for a one-on-one conversation. I can’t say how many opportunities I missed.

As long as I could remember I had been terrified people could see right through me. I pictured myself as someone who simply could not speak in public. The thoughts were there but the ability to share them was not.

After graduating from a Master’s program I realized I had to change this about myself. But I had no idea how or where to start.

Lisa taught me the basics I was lacking. And she built my confidence in a way I could not do for myself. But more than that, she helped me to see how it was possible to simply open myself and let others in.

I grew by leaps and bounds while under Lisa’s private coaching. It was the best money I’ve ever spent because it was all about me!

That was 9 years ago.

Since beginning my inner journey alongside Lisa, I’ve undergone an astonishing transformation. I now lead therapeutic groups and teach psycho-education classes. I don’t even worry about presentations. All I do is prepare what I want to share and let the process lead me.

I’ve become someone who seeks new adventures in speaking in public. Yes, me, the shrinking violet of old! I speak, I sing, I dance.

I really feel it’s because of who Lisa is.

Many people can share their knowledge and skills. But Lisa is that special kind of person who really makes one feel completely accepted. And for me that was the beginning of letting go and allowing myself the freedom to share my experience and hope with others.

Thank you Lisa. You helped me break out of my shell. And I appreciate you for all you do!”

Kristen Butler, LICSW
Tacoma, WA

Eric Bikes to Work

“Words like clear, precise, instructive and supportive are how I describe Lisa’s work. In scaling my presentations from lecture format to large public events, her detailed feedback has been critical.

Lisa’s ability to help me direct body language and speaking style more consciously has strengthened my message and audience impact. I would recommend her to anyone from the beginner to the seasoned presenter.”

Eric Lohela
International Speaker and Principal Designer
Salmon River Consultants

kristinc“Lisa is wonderful at helping you focus on key points that will stand out to your specific audience.

She helped me to narrow my focus and deliver at the first international conference I have spoken at, which has led to media telling my company’s story in the cosmetics industry.

She will help you develop a speaking strategy that will build your confidence and be memorable!”

Kristin Fraser
CEO and Founder, The Grapeseed Company

Doug“Lisa, I can’t thank you enough. My presentation went over really well and I felt confident! The investor liked the concept and the presentation. The way we did the presentation made it so easy to deliver. It just felt so natural.”

Doug Parent,
Founder RingRx

alexis1“Everyone who heard me speak before meeting with you commented on how much I have changed. Everything is going so much more smoothly.

I still tell myself to stay ‘grounded’ when I’m about to speak and to slow down. I also shortened and took out a lot of slides. I am very close to not having to look at the slides at all when I speak, except to see which slide it is and then elaborate on it.

You really changed how I felt about presenting and it shows! Thank you so much for everything!!!”

Alexis Louchios
Special Accounts Manager

Walker“I went from being an extremely nervous, shy speaker to giving a presentation at a conference that got rave reviews and had my boss glowing with pride.

Lisa helped unlock my voice — something that will serve me for the rest of my professional career.

I was wary of going to a public speaking coach, but it was the best decision I ever made. Thank you, Lisa!”

Kristen Walker
Digital Media Resources Developer, Santa Barbara County Education Office

John Paglia“I am deeply thankful for Lisa’s assistance. She helped me improve my presentation content, slides and delivery. This has had a positive impact not only on my confidence, but also on the evaluations provided by my audiences.

In fact, my keynote presentation at a recent M&A conference in which 150 were present earned a “your presentation was superb” comment by one of the organizers and would not have been possible without Lisa’s coaching.

I highly recommend her services!”

John Paglia, Ph.D., MBA, CPA, CFA
Associate Professor of Finance,
Director, Pepperdine Private Capital Markets Project

mike_aponte“Lisa is an absolute joy to work with. After evaluating one of my speaking events, she provided me with a very constructive and engaging critique. She really helped me pull out the best of my experiences and coached me on how to develop and deliver takeaways that are both insightful and entertaining for my audience.

Working with Lisa did nothing but boost my confidence and ability as a public speaker. Lisa is truly an expert at what she does and she is a fantastic coach.”

Mike Aponte, Professional Speaker and subject of the movie 21

Jill“Lisa is an absolutely fabulous public speaking coach. She helped me prepare for my first ever public presentation at the 2010 IA Summit, which went really well! I really wanted to make the talk compelling for the audience, and Lisa helped take the talk to a whole new level!

Through her coaching, she taught me how to grab the audience’s attention right from the start with a more captivating introduction, and to interact frequently throughout the talk with the audience. Lisa’s great advice helped make the presentation more conversational and engaging for the audience.

After the presentation was over, we were really excited to hear people tweeting about the takeaways, and talking about how they wanted to try the approach out for themselves!

Lisa helped me feel more confident and prepared for this talk, and it made a tremendous difference for my audience. If you want to make your presentations more engaging and compelling, Lisa is the coach for you!”

Jill Christ
User Experience Researcher, Citrix Online

bordas“Just a simple note to thank you for all your effort. From your sessions I did gain great confidence, set up a simple but effective PowerPoint, related some personal experiences, introduced some humor and did get some laughter.

Most importantly, I was not anxious. I actually enjoyed being on stage in front of about 300 professionals. Could not have done it without your guidance. Thanks again!”

Julio Bordas, MD
Associate Medical Director, CenCal Health

stephanie_young“Lisa was a HUGE help, especially with putting together PowerPoint slides. Her ideas about using image-based slides rather than text is spot-on when it comes to making a presentation interesting and visually appealing.

Also, when planning my speech it was really helpful to bounce ideas off her and get some feedback. Her insight is invaluable.”

Stephanie Young, Realtor

leighann“Lisa is a consummate professional, bringing a wealth of knowledge in all areas of speaking to her consultations.

Whether you require encouragement, training in public speaking, assistance in developing speeches, or help in designing videos, Lisa has the skill to make your project come to life.

She assisted me with developing a speech and videoing an introductory piece for my website, and I could not have been more pleased! My audience has given me rave reviews.

Her eye and ear for detail assist in producing a genuine and polished product, and the finished result is one to be proud of!”

Dr. Leigh Ann Bradley, Executive Coach and Consultant in Healthcare Leadership

“Thanks Lisa. It was a pleasure to work with you! Your ideas on how to engage the audience and how to highlight the right messages in the PowerPoint slides were very useful.

I really like your approach to relating with the audience in a friendly, funny and empathetic way. I’ll be thinking about these tips as I prepare for my classes and for future talks.”

Tatiana Sandino
Associate Professor of Accounting and Management, Harvard Business School

Merryl“Lisa is an excellent public speaking coach and also produces fantastic PowerPoint presentations for her clients. She is bright, hard-working and very detail oriented. I appreciate her patience and good humor as well.

I have hired her multiple times and will continue to do so when the need arises to use her services again.

I would recommend Lisa Braithwaite to anyone looking for a public speaking expert!”

Merryl Brown
President, Merryl Brown Events

susan_hyatt“Lisa is a fantastically talented coach. Not only does she help you organize, clarify and fine tune your presentation skills, she brings a sense of calmness to a potentially scary topic—public speaking!

I was very uptight and worried about a speech that I was to give to at a large women’s conference. By the time the conference rolled around, I was prepared, at ease, and learned so much about my speaking strengths.

I will continue to use Lisa before major presentations. She rocks!”

Susan Hyatt, Master Life Coach,

sam krause“Working with Lisa increased my confidence level dramatically. I also learned how to organize my talk in a way that made it much more interesting and effective.

I can’t ever thank Lisa enough.”

Sam Krause
Speaker, Author: The Four Steps to a Successful Marriage

“When I first started public speaking my reviews were ‘unsatisfactory’ and ‘average.’ My heart would race, my hands would shake, and my brain would shut down, forgetting most of what I needed to say. Deciding not to quit but to use this as a learning experience, I sought help.

I found Lisa and I am so thankful I did!

She tailored her coaching sessions to my specific material, personality and speaking style. Lisa also helped me with my PowerPoint materials as well as informal speaking during meetings at work. Now my reviews are so much better and my confidence to speak publicly has increased tenfold.

Thank you for your encouragement, professionalism, and knowledge I could not have done it without you!”

Susan Polka, Clinical Educator
USC University Hospital

david“I got a 98% and was chosen to participate in a speech competition with the same speech.

I made it to the finals, which consisted of four out of 436, if you count the students each of the 28 chosen competitors represented.

Thank you for all your great help.”

David Perrault, Student
Pepperdine University

“Thank you so much for assisting me through the daunting speechwriting process! It was such a pleasure working with you, and a lot of fun to get lots of laughs during my Junior League speech. You’re a gem.”

Erin Muslera, President
Junior League of Santa Barbara

bart_baker“Lisa is great; she helped to organize my presentation and worked on my delivery and body language.

I was able to see my presentation more through the eyes of my audience than ever before. My level of preparedness and confidence had never been better.

I would highly recommend Lisa to anyone wanting to improve their delivery and receive valuable feedback.”

Bart Baker
B.W. Baker Insurance Service

bethandrus“Lisa is so good at what she does. She helped me get rid of a lot of bad habits, without getting rid of ‘me.’

She took the time to find out what my goals were, which allowed her to give me guidance and suggestions that fit my needs.

She helped me with my speaking, the content of my talks, and the presentation and lighting of my videos.

The biggest change, though, is how I feel now when I record my videos. I used to dread it, but now I thoroughly enjoy it. I am so grateful for everything she shared with me, and will be working with her again.”

Beth Andrus, Author of The Essential Business Handbook

lorenzen“Lisa is a dedicated and hardworking public speaking coach. I recently hired her to help me with an economic forecast presentation and I was very impressed with her direction and coaching. I received many praises from my colleagues after my presentation, thanks to Lisa’s coaching skills.”

Linda Lorenzen-Hughes, Realtor, Coldwell Banker

“A total pro! Lisa knows her stuff. She has been a huge help with meaningful critiques, referrals to helpful resources and being so encouraging every step of the way! Simply put: She is the best!”

Steve Ridinger, Pastor and Bible teacher

martha_townsend“I am racing again this morning but want to stop and reflect on my experience working with you on my Junior League installation speech.

I was a mess, in terms of having abstract ideas, and you were able to clearly steer me in a positive direction.

By all accounts… sustainers, outgoing active Junior League members, and young Gen Yers … my speech inspired them and made them proud to be a Junior Leaguer. I didn’t cry and the entire room was truly engaged. You could hear a pin drop. I was told by many this was the best installation speech in over 10 years!

I have you to thank, Lisa, since you helped me to focus on my audience and you helped me to package delivery for high impact.”

Martha Townsend, Principal, Market Ready Rx

kalia_rork“You’re fantastic! The coaching greatly exceeded my expectations, and I think I improved by leaps and bounds in just one series of sessions.

I learned how to be more effective as a speaker and how to use PowerPoint slides that people enjoy. I gained a better understanding of what the audience wants, got much better at using my particular talents, and learned what it takes to have a great overall presentation. I received wonderful feedback from the audience and am inspired to continue speaking! Thank you!”

Kalia Rork, Realtor, Prudential California Realty

sherrybeamer“We got the results from the conference presentation – they were better than anything I’ve ever received (4.5/5), including two pages of positive comments, including the positive way I handled the ‘heckler!'”

Sherry Beamer, Consultant


carrie_sommer“As you very well know, I have a total fear of public speaking — it is nearly crippling to me. And as you know, you helped me make a presentation that will result in the biggest national publicity my business will receive to date.

Am I still paralyzed with public speaking fear? Yes! But knowing that there is a supportive coach available to help me see the forest for the trees will enable me to do it again, if I absolutely must!”

Carrie Sommer, Sommer Designs


tony_chimento“I really enjoyed the process. I think everyone really should go through this process from time to time. I have been speaking for over 20 years. It is easy to pick up quirks, tics, habits, etc and not ever notice. But people do notice. And I wanted to pay someone who would tell me what they noticed. Lisa is a great coach and is highly communicative!!!

I don’t know if I thanked you or not. But THANKS!!! I have circulated your information to our team and all are reading it and making observations. I think what will help me is also helpful to them!!! I will probably get with you in a year and do a refresher. Thanks again!!!!”

Tony Chimento, Pastor

andrew_hetzel“The presentations that you created were critical to convey my message and capture the attention and support of the audience.  Thank you again!”

Andrew Hetzel, Director, Cafemakers

angela_wurtzel“I really found the coaching experience helpful and valuable. Just brainstorming and talking helped me become more clear about my ideas and where I hoped to go with my public speaking.”

Angela R. Wurtzel, M.A., M.F.T.

mikki_reilly“Lisa is an outstanding public speaking coach who lifted my performance to the next level.”

Mikki Reilly, Fitness Transform

“I was able to deliver a 30-minute talk with no notes, in a confident and friendly manner.”

Gary Staneff

barbra_mousouris“I felt very comfortable as I relate best to down to earth people with positive energy. I appreciated your non-judgmental attitude and willingness to be open to my specific needs.”

Barbra Mousouris, Wedding Minister/Premarital Counseling