Top 3 Mistake Experienced Speakers Make… And What To Do Instead

“Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt.”

~ Unknown (attributed to many who probably didn’t say it…)


Dear experienced speaker:

Do you worry about making a fool of yourself?


Maybe you should…jester-tilt

One of the biggest fears of a beginning speaker is to make a fool of herself, not yet having had the experience of making many mistakes over time and living through them.

Those of us who’ve been speaking for a long time, however, usually lose this fear along the way. We’ve made fools of ourselves enough times to wear foolishness as a badge of honor, and we take pride in having survived much embarrassment.

But guess what:

There are other ways of making a fool of yourself — without even knowing it!

Seasoned speakers have a knack for confidence and self-assuredness on stage, but that confidence can very easily slip over into complacency, laziness and indifference over time.


Let me ask you some questions:

arrow_orangeHave you been around the block a few times as a speaker? And maybe around the state and country, too?

arrow_orangeHas it been a while since you got actual constructive feedback on your presentation from someone who knows what they’re talking about?

arrow_orangeAre you too busy to properly prepare your presentations, finding yourself “winging it” and throwing them together at the last minute with no prep or practice?

arrow_orangeDo you walk out of your presentations without a plan for staying connected to your audience — or turning them into clients?

arrow_orangeAre you sleep-talking through your presentations because you’ve done them so many times they’ve lost all their freshness?

arrow_orangeDo you enjoy public speaking and assume that’s enough to make your presentations effective and successful?

arrow_orangeAre you experienced but out of practice because of a job change or other circumstances, and don’t want to take the stage looking rusty and out of touch?


couch-loungingI get it.

We all get a little too laid-back at times. We lose our energy and motivation. We go through the motions.

Experienced speakers: If you’re not careful, you’ll find yourself settling into the comfortable security blanket of mediocrity.

It doesn’t have to be that way. Shake off the cobwebs, warm up those stiff muscles, get off the proverbial couch, and let’s reinvigorate your speaking!

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“The Top 3 Mistakes Experienced Speakers Make… And What to Do Instead!”


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