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Become the speaker you were meant to be with Lisa Braithwaite, Author of Presenting for Humans: Insights for Speakers on Ditching Perfection and Creating Connection.

Are you tired of letting your anxieties and worries govern your experience of public speaking? Are you worn out trying to be flawless and never make a mistake, for fear the audience will discover you’re HUMAN? Do you crave a sense of freedom and ease when you stand in front of the room, a feeling of excitement, anticipation and positive energy? Join me!

“Thanks so much for a wonderful PFH Success Circle experience. I really enjoyed getting to know you, the other participants and, of course, the wonderful stories and great insights from your book.

What I’m very grateful for and excited about is including more stories and applying presentation ideas (like using props, having fun) into my capstone project and 2018 speaking engagements. Thank you for that.”

MaryAnn D’Ambrosio, Founder and Chief Inspiration Officer
Leap Without Limits

This five-week program includes:

  • A signed hard copy of the book
  • Five live coaching calls focused on action-taking and implementation of the main principles in the book
  • Worksheets and handouts to help you integrate the ideas we’re discussing
  • Recordings of all the calls
  • A private Facebook group for discussion, support, encouragement and resources

The book is divided into themed chapters, and these are the topics we’ll discuss each week:

  • Preparation: How is lack of proper preparation harming your relationship with the audience? Do you have an understanding of what proper preparation entails? Perhaps you’ll pick up some new tips here!
  • Confidence: Confidence is both mental and physical. It’s both internal and external. It’s the positive way you perceive yourself, and it’s the way your body projects that positive self-image. How can you build your confidence, or at least demonstrate it until you grow it?
  • Fun: Are your presentations fun for your audience? Are they fun for you? If not, why not? And why is is fun an important element to presentations?
  • Connection: Connection takes conscious effort and awareness. Connection doesn’t magically happen in a vacuum. It requires a few elements to be present: Trust, respect, listening, humility, authenticity, flexibility, a willingness to be real, and a willingness to be outside of your comfort zone. Are you ready and willing to connect?
  • Service: Your #1 concern for every presentation should be to bring value to your audience, to serve them and provide them with relevant, practical and useful information that they can use right away. Unfortunately, many speakers make it all about themselves. Let’s make it right for our audiences.
  • Experience: The days of standing in front of an audience and lecturing for hours are gone. Our audiences want to be taken on a journey and, in fact, they will retain your message much better if you create an emotional experience for them. How can you activate your audience’s emotions and create an experience? Let’s talk about it!
  • Standing Out: You can blend in with every other speaker at your conference or at your meeting, or you can stand out, be memorable, and make an impact. Your choice.
  • Mindset: The crux of every speaker’s insecurities is our mindset. If your mind is powerful enough to create fear out of nothing (and it is, right?), then why can’t our minds also see endless opportunity? We’ll go there.

These are the core themes that I teach and coach on, and the public speaking concepts that I find to be most critical to a speaker’s success.

Who am I?

Hi! I’m Lisa Braithwaite, Public Speaking Coach, Corporate Trainer and Author. I’ve been speaking, teaching, training and facilitating for 25 years now, and I’ve had my speaking coaching and training business for twelve.

When I first started out as a speaker, I worked for a domestic violence organization, and my audience was teenagers. I was terrified. I was intimidated. I couldn’t imagine making any kind of an impact, or even connecting with them at all. I don’t even remember my first experience talking to a classroom full of teenagers; I must have blocked it out.

However, I kept going. (Well, I had to. It was my job.) I kept showing up. I kept tweaking my presentation to make it better. I learned from these high school students how to meet them where they were, how to engage them, how to understand their needs as an audience. I did it for six years, and I learned more about effective public speaking with these groups of young people than I ever had on the speech team in high school!

I learned how to:

  • listen to my audiences’ needs and use the information to improve the presentation
  • address challenges and hostile audience members
  • make presentations interactive
  • build trust
  • answer uncomfortable questions – comfortably
  • use humor to defuse difficult situations (teachers often “checked out” while I was presenting)
  • show respect by asking for input and feedback
  • project my voice over whispering teenagers and get their attention
  • adjust to different venues and spaces (ask me about the time I spoke in a cafeteria, with a 104-degree fever)
  • give a great presentation when I wasn’t feeling 100%, and
  • be myself, because you can’t fake out teenagers – they won’t stand for it!

Each week, participants will read assigned chapters, do their own personal exploration and reflection, and return to the group for follow-up, discussion, and laser coaching on the concepts learned.

The tools you gain from this program will help guide you to finding your own objectives for speaking, your own intentions for your audiences, and your own desired results for the personal and professional development goals that you can achieve through speaking.

The interactive author-led virtual sessions will span five weeks in September and October. Dates are below.

Join the PFH Success Circle for just $97!

If private coaching isn’t an option for you right now, the PFH Success Circle is the next best thing, and the only way to work with me for under $800.

Sure, you can purchase the book and learn plenty from reading and implementing on your own. But the PFH Success Circle offers an enhanced experience to supercharge your learning and implementation! With laser coaching from the author, group discussion, inquiry and encouragement, and worksheets and handouts to supplement your own perspective, you’ll get so much more out of the book than you ever could on your own.

Live calls will be on the following dates. All calls are at 1:00 PDT/4:00 EDT and will be recorded.

Thursday, September 7
Wednesday, September 13
Friday, September 22
Wednesday, September 27
Wednesday, October 4