Step 5: It’s the little things



Speak to Engage week 5 teleseminar recording: It’s the Little Things

Click here to listen or use the player below.

Check your acoustics

The way the sound bounces (or doesn’t bounce) off the walls and the floors can have a significant impact on your presentation. Read this blog post about how you can better control the acoustics in your room.

Don’t forget to check your room

Here’s a blog post about room layouts and why it’s important to be aware of your room before you show up to speak.

Another challenging venue

Yet another room that was less than desirable to present in. With pictures!

Seating Layouts

A great chart showing the different kinds of room layouts and the pros and cons of each.

Plain Language Sites

Plain Language Association InterNational

Center for Plain Language

Mehrabian myth-busting — animated!

One of my favorite debunkers of the myth that 7% of communication is verbal and the rest is nonverbal. Poor Albert Mehrabian himself even debunks this ridiculous misinterpretation here. It’s a short radio interview (about 5 minutes) and well worth the listen.