S2E Home Step 4: Shake things up



Speak to Engage week 4 teleseminar recording: Shake Things UP

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Recommended Reading

If you want your ideas to “stick” with your audiences, you must read the book Made to Stick, by Chip and Dan Heath. It’s full of vivid, practical examples of how to create a truly sticky idea.

John Wooden video

Are you fueling your audience’s distraction? [blog post]

Here’s an example of why you don’t want to put all your ideas (bullets) onto one slide. A story of a distracted audience member… she represents many of our audience members. Whether they raise their hands or not, they are reading (and thinking) ahead. Click below to read.

Are you fueling your audience’s distraction?

The inner workings of a mediocre presentation

View it on my blog here. Funny!

Wayne Pacelle prop/demo

How to use a microphone effectively (featuring me using my snazzy purple mic as a prop)

More on analogies [blog post]

Three steps for adding analogies to your presentations

Can the audience read your scribble? [blog post]

This is a blog post with tips and two videos on effective use of flip charts.

Can the audience read your scribble?

Icebreaker activities


Icebreaker examples and sites

Two articles about using toys in your presentations

Toys and candy, a speaker’s best friends

Add fun to your presentation with toys

Sample PowerPoint presentations

Here are some sample PowerPoint presentations I’ve made for myself and my clients