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Resources and Tools

Accountability and goals journal pages:

S2EMM Journal

Presentation structure:

Story Template

Story Template: Public Speaking for Awkward Dorks

Slides: Public Speaking for Awkward Dorks


Create Your Plan

Can you be prepared and still be spontaneous?

Take every opportunity to be uncomfortable

Networking tips:

Small talk, big payoff

The power of presence

Two new networking tips (links to other networking posts in the article)

Do you have an uninterested face?

General info:

5 Ways to Say “I Don’t Know”

3 posts about hecklers and difficult audience members

Rule of three:

The Rule of Three: A humor technique from the world of comedy


Relaxation and Vocal Preparation Exercises

Instant Voice Press Exercise

Blog post: Get grounded

Blog post: How can Olympic athletes help you become a better speaker?(includes links to several related blog posts)

Blog post: Breathe

Blog post: Visualization is for the body as well as the mind

Sales conversations/proposals:

Lois Creamer article: Book More Business

Laurie Guest handout: Sweet Spot Pricing + options for packages


Lois Creamer sample

My sample (from Felicia Slattery template)

Lisa Gates sample

Felicia Slattery One-Sheet Templates

Recommended Reading:

Visit the Speak Schmeak Blog

Videos to watch:

Hans Rosling: 2009 2006 2007 (If you watch no other videos on this page, watch Hans Rosling. He’s brilliant at making statistics fascinating and fun. All his videos are listed on this page.)

Sir Ken Robinson on schools killing creativity

Astronaut Chris Hadfield on space toilets

Simon Wardley explains cloud computing

Inspirational speech about riding a bike 

Creative Math Class

Fred Rogers testifying before Congress

Busting the Mehrabian Myth

Tom Peters