Panic Sucks!

Panic Sucks!

Dear anxiety sufferer:

I know how it feels.

I’ve felt the racing heart, the clammy hands, the feeling of wanting to jump out of my skin, the fear of losing my mind.

I’ve been afraid to leave the house, afraid to be in crowds, afraid to close the door for fear my claustrophobia would rear its ugly head at an inopportune time — perhaps in front of a client or an audience.

I’ve also been in a very lonely place, afraid to tell anyone what I was going through, because I didn’t think they would understand.

How *could* they understand, when I didn’t even understand?

But things got better, and I can tell you honestly that I am physically and mentally healthy, stronger than ever, and absolutely positive that you can be, too!

I’m sharing my story because I know how it feels to be alone, to feel crazy, and to feel like no one understands.

I want to be that person who understands — for you — for now — until you find your own support system and start on your own path to mental health wellness.

Panic Sucks“Panic SUCKS: How I Lost it and Got it Back Again… And How You Can, Too” covers the following details of my personal story:

~ What triggered my very first panic attack

~ How I lost it: The “big one” that sent me to the emergency room

~ Tools I learned in therapy for reframing, rethinking and responding

~ Pros and cons of medication

~ Healthy lifestyle changes

~ How I got it back again!

Please note: I am not a therapist or a doctor (or any kind of medical professional!), and I cannot guarantee that what worked for me will work for you.

I hope you can learn a thing or two from my experiences, and that some of my tips will help you keep anxiety and panic at bay.

If your experiences are debilitating, I recommend you talk to both a medical doctor and a therapist to get to the root of the problem.

I’m ready to order!


If you’re just experiencing panic attacks for the first time, I know how scary it is.

It’s scary to feel like you’re not in control of your mind or body.

It’s scary when the feelings in your body and the thoughts in your mind seems to override all logic.

If you thought you had them licked and now they’re back, I know how frustrating that is!

Sometimes we overcome a challenge only to be faced with setbacks.

We believe we’ve left the problem in the dust only to have it return at a later date, maybe unexpectedly, or maybe triggered by a similar situation that created the first challenge.

I want to let you know that you can overcome it again! You beat it once, and you still have the skills and determination to beat it again.

Let me help!

I can only share my story and hope that some of the things that worked for me will work for you, and that you find your own strength and creativity in dealing with this very common but alienating struggle.

I used to charge for this e-book.

Then I realized that if I really wanted to help people, I needed to freely give it away. That’s why you can go directly to the links from this page, with no opt-in or payment required. Please share with anyone you think could benefit.


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