30 Days to Action Scavenger Hunt

Attention: Entrepreneurs and professionals who crave action and accountability!

You have big ideas and big goals for your speaking. So why aren’t you accomplishing them?

Lots of reasons: Sometimes we don’t know exactly what needs to happen to achieve a goal. Sometimespiggybank we know exactly what needs to happen, but we aren’t moving forward. Sometimes we make excuses (ahem…) like we don’t have enough time, money or knowledge.

What does it take to take action? What does “taking action” entail? It’s easier said than done, right? If I were great at taking action, I certainly wouldn’t be 25 pounds overweight (but that’s a story for another day!).

I’m a learner. I LOOOOOVE learning. I love gathering information and storing it away in my overcrowded brain.

What I love less is implementing. Implementing is hard. It means I have to take the stuff I learned and DO something with it, especially when it comes to building my business. In my case, we’re talking about marketing, list-building, keeping my things to dowebsite fresh, writing blog posts, preparing for speaking engagements, and the list goes on.

For you, perhaps there are some particular skills you want to learn. It might be just getting speaking engagements on your calendar, so you even have a place to practice. Maybe you have a presentation coming up and you’re procrastinating on starting because you don’t know how to structure it.

Because I know implementing is hard, and because I also know that I’m much more likely to do what I say I’m going to do when I’m accountable to other people, I designed this FREE on-demand scavenger hunt to help you do just that.


My 30 Days to Action Scavenger Hunt is going to give you the opportunity to achieve some small speaking goals through five actions:

  1. Planning: What are you trying to achieve? What are your goals for speaking? Choose something big, choose something small, but make a decision. Without a plan, you’ll find yourself scattered, choosing actions that may not actually get you where you want to go. You’ll start with a plan and go from there.
  2. Education: Perhaps there are some skills or concepts you still need to understand better before you
    can take action to improve your speaking. I’ll provide you the opportunity to learn some things in areas you may be lacking.
  3. Application: Once you read about speaking and observe other speakers,
    then it’s time to apply what you learned to your own speaking needs. You’ll have the opportunity to analyze what you’re reading and learning and determine how you can apply it to yourself. Not everything will be a fit. This is okay. Tailor your learning and implementation to what you need.
  4. Implementation: This is the DOING piece. This is where you make something happen. It can be a tiny baby step or it can be a huge leap. But if you don’t DO something with what you learn, well, what’s the point?
  5. Accountability: Now that you’ve learned some stuff, applied it to your life, and decided to implement a couple of your ideas, this is the part where you tell someone your goal and then follow through when you’ve achieved the goal. You’ll get the opportunity to do this in our private Facebook group.

Tell me more…

30 Days to Action Scavenger Hunt is a FREE program serving a community of like-minded people working to build confidence and skills as speakers. The program is delivered via e-mail and a private Facebook group, where members join together for discussion and camaraderie.

Did you ever do that icebreaker activity at a meeting or networking event where you were given a grid on paper with descriptions of people to find in the room? Sometimes it’s called a “human scavenger hunt.” Descriptions might include “a person with glasses,” “a person born in the same month as you,” or “a person with gum in her purse.” I’ve always found that activity really fun, and this is why I laid out my program to be kind of like those icebreaker scavenger hunts!

Are there activities to do every day?

Unlike traditional “challenges,” you will not have one activity to complete each day. Your scavenger hunt consists of nine activities that coordinate with the five actions mentioned above. You decide which activity to work on each day, and you’ll get the whole month to complete the nine activities. It’s up to you which order you choose for the activities – and even within the activities, there may be different options for you to choose from.

Here’s what it looks like:

Start whenever you want – there is no start date, so you can join at any time.

Two to three e-mails a week explaining the different activities and the options within each activity. Do them in whichever order you like.rotated

A private Facebook page where you can interact with and get support from others who are completing the scavenger hunt.

Tips and resources such as videos, audios, articles and blog posts, with 24/7 access to complete your  activities.

Downloadable handouts and checklists.

Accountability and support from me and from the rest of the group as you put together your plan to achieve your speaking goals!

Ready? (Yes, it’s free!) Sign up below!